I first started wearing tights, or pantyhose when I was a young child around the age of about 5 or 6 I think.,. I went into my mothers sock draw one day, looking for a pair of socks. I instead pulled out a pair of white pantyhose... I thought to myself "What strange looking socks" and proceeded to put them on. Off they looked much smaller than when I put them on.. They were way too big for me, but regardless- the material felt incredibly comfortable.
At first I wasn't sure what I had stumbled upon, but what I did know was that if I got caught taking something from my mothers draw, I was going to be in trouble. 
My mother always did say "If it's not yours, Don't touch it!"
Well I touched it, I put it on, and I hid it under my mattress, thinking If she can't find it, I didn't take it.. It's just missing!
Later that night after I was tucked into bed, and all was quiet. I slipped out of bed, and reached in between the mattress's, grabbed the white pair of pantyhose that I had taken, and put them on once again.
I'm not sure how or what made me figure out that they were "girls" pantyhose, but I couldn't help but think to myself- What makes them "girls"?
They fit my two legs just the same, and work like socks and underwear, they're comfortable, and I'd much rather wear them than to wear regular socks, and underwear.
While laying there, enjoying the comfort of the white pantyhose, I feel asleep.
The next day I woke up in panic that I still had them on, and if I got caught with something that didn't belong to me, I'd get in trouble.
So I really quickly took them off and hid them back under the mattress.
Later that day my curiosity got the best of me, and I went back into my mothers room to see what else she had in that draw.
I found more pantyhose, only in different colors. Dark Blue, Black, Tan, and Nude.
So I took one of each color, and went back into my room to add my collection to the white pair under the mattress.
I wanted to see if there was any difference in the way the different colors felt, and what they looked like.
The white ones are comfortable, and fit a little more lose, the blue ones where not as comfortable, the black one's felt thicker, and strange, while the tan and nude pair were my favorite.
As time went on, I continued to wear under jeans and fall asleep wearing to bed at night. I'd wear under my pants to school, and would only take them off when I wore shorts around in public places such as the pool, or on really hot summer days around town. Although sometimes, I'd sweet it out, just to be wearing under my jeans, and enjoy being myself.
Over the years as I grew older, I bought my own, and started to cut holes in my jeans, while wearing nude, or tan pantyhose underneath. "Holy Jeans" where in style back then, so I figured why not. If anyone noticed and felt like asking why, that would be my answer.. Why Not?
No one Noticed... It was great! I found a way to wear, and it felt great to have that cool air flowing through the nylon fabric against my legs... Such a refreshing, comfortable, warm, and cooling feeling all at the same time!
I ripped even more holes in my next pair of jeans the next day, as time went on, the holes became more and more, or bigger and bigger, until one day I decided to just wear shorts!
Here I go, Nude pantyhose, Kacky colored shorts, Black shirt, Black shoes... I'm all set.
I walked outside, the sunlight hit my legs, and I felt great!
Sure I was a little nervous about what others would say, or ask.... but I wasn't ever one to actually care about what others said.. I'm the type that I'll wear whatever I want to wear, and I don't care what anyone say's or thinks about it.
No one really noticed, and the few people that did, not many of them said anything..
I occasionally got asked "are you wearing pantyhose?" I'd then answer back with "yes".
Sometimes they'd leave it at that, and say something like, "oh OK" or "Cool"
Other times, they'd ask "Why?" I'd then say to that response "Why Not?"
More times than most they'll leave it at "hey, whatever works for you man."
but you have those selected few who want to know more, or think they already know more.
So after their fallowing response that something along the lines of "Because There Made for Women".
I'd then go into the history of how hosiery was originally made for men, and that's where it pays to do your homework, study the research, and know what your stuff.
I'm not 24 years old, and continuing wearing pantyhose, tights, leggings, stockings, mantyhose, or which ever name you'd like to call them... they're all the same to men now.
It's leg wear. A comfortable yet fashionable accessory that serve the function of keeping my legs warm, and active!
Now that I'm more comfortable about wearing leg gear, my mother said to me, "You've been wearing those since you were a little boy... I never said anything because I figured you'd grow out of it, and I just wanted to let you be yourself."

"Thanks Mom, for all of your love and support. For the care and guidance, and most of all for allowing me to grow into my own person."