As a young child, it was my dream to become a professional magician. Starting at six years old, I carried books from the library to the house for my mother to read to me, while I sat with props in hand. developing my skills in manipulation, and practicing with my hands every day. At age twelve, I joined a organisation called S.A.M (the Society of American Magicians) and grew in magic more than I ever thought possible. Learning as much as I possible could, and competing in competitions, I was lucky enough to take first place in a close-up competition, and got a scholarship to go to the New York Institute of Technology in Long Island New York for Tannen's Magic College. 


Unfortunately, I was never able to afford the coast of getting professional business cards, flyer's, promo pictures, and all of the other useful tools necessary to promote myself as a magician. I need something to get the word out. I needed something to let people know that there was a magician in town and could do magic shows for birthday parties, table to table in restaurants, street magic etc. Any time I could do magic, I was doing it. I was living the dream. Which lead to me opening up for Harry Anderson at the Celebrity Golf Classics where I had the chance to meet many famous people and get my name out bigger than ever, leading to many other shows that fallowed. 



Aside from magic, one of my favorite subjects in school was always Art. I love to draw, create, paint, build, dream, sculpt, design, and do just about anything that allows me open my mind and explore my over active imagination. 
After seeing the promotional pictures that I designed for myself in magic, my friends asked if I could create something for them. Then their friends wanted something made, then their friends, friends, and so on, and so forth... word of mouth spread around and before I knew it I was creating and working as a graphic designer, and I was loving it! 
Thus sparked my passion for graphics and so grew my dream of becoming a graphic designer. 
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